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BLASTING CAP (feat. members of Guadalcanal Diary + Bomber City) with KENNY HOWES & THE WOW! and ATOMIC CLOCK.

Doors @ 8 PM $8 ADV – $10 DOOR

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Blasting Cap is the new project featuring members of Guadalcanal Diary and Bomber CityMurray Attaway, Jeff Walls, Phyllis Walls and Robert Schmid.

Star Bar is proud to present Blasting Cap's FIRST SHOW.

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Kenny Howes is an acclaimed singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist specializing in power-pop.

Raised in Mulberry, Florida, Howes began his recording career in the 1990s in Tallahassee, FL. Overdubbing all voices and instruments (except drums, performed by schoolmate Kelly Shane), Howes recorded and released his first collection Nothing Wrong With That, first as a DIY cassette EP in 1993 and then (after adding songs) as a full-length CD in 1995.

He then recorded and released his CD Kenny Howes’ Second Album in early 1996, which is known not only for the song "Girls With Glasses" ("one of the finest power pop tracks of the '90s" - author John Borack), but also for its cover art, which parodies The Beatles' Second Album. The disc was ranked #157 on The 200 Greatest Power Pop Albums list in the 2007 book Shake Some Action: The Ultimate Power Pop Guide.

In 1996, Howes and Kelly Shane relocated to the Atlanta, GA area, began work on Howes' next CD Back To You Today! (released 1998), and stabilized a lineup for his new group, Kenny Howes & the Yeah!. Later, in 2000, Howes signed a deal with Atlanta indie label, who released The Right Idea, a compilation of songs from Howes' first three CD releases, which were now out of print. 

Howes and his band began work on their first group recording in 2000 at Chase Park Transduction studios in Athens, GA, recorded by David Barbe of Sugar, with pre-production done in Hoboken, NJ with producer Don Fleming. The resulting album, Until Dawn, was released on TallBoy Records in 2002.

Howes released his CD Lady Friend in 2004. He also relocated to California; while there, his side project Hautewerk licensed three songs to the video game Rockband in April 2009. His recordings have also been featured on MTV’s Sorority Life.

Kenny Howes performed nightly in Las Vegas with Pat DiNizio of The Smithereens for eight months before relocating to Atlanta in 2012. His new group, Kenny Howes & the WOW!, began performing regularly in Summer 2012, and his new studio album, Tornadoes Here & Past, was released in November 2012, with a vinyl LP version released in December 2012.

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Garage rock legend Bruce Joyner’s musical journey has taken him from the plantation streets of south Georgia in the mid-50s, to the punk clubs of LA and Paris in the early 80s, and back again to the Atlanta rock scene of NOW. In that time he created seminal proto-alternative rock records with The Stroke Band, the Unknowns, the Plantations, the Tinglers, and the Reconstruction, and worked with fellow luminaries Don Fleming and Peter Buck. Despite accidents, health problems, and the ups and downs of the music industry Bruce has continued cranking out underground classics – largely in his beloved France. But now he turns his attention back to the US, reuniting with his 80s partner-in-crime Tom Byars and joining a powerful new band.

Bruce Joyner and Atomic Clock’s debut release for Closer Records is entitled The Devil Is Beating His Wife, and is possibly the best record of a long and fruitful career. Recorded in Atlanta with Lee Flier and Tim Pelletier in late 2013, the sound of the record sits in a groove somewhere between “Southern Gothic Athens Rave-Up ’79” and “SoCal Punk Scene ’81”, and distills something basic about the essence of Bruce’s rock soul. More than that, it’s a helluva a fun record!

The stateside release of The Devil is Beating His Wife is expected in summer 2014, accompanied by US live dates and followed by a planned European tour.

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BLASTING CAP + KENNY HOWES & THE WOW! + ATOMIC CLOCK concert ★ Doors @ 8pm ★ $8 Adv – $10 Door The Star Community Bar, Atlanta, GA