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Zigtebra, New Tree, 1 1 0 1

Wednesday August 15th

Star Community Bar Presents

Zigtebra (Chicago)

New Tree

1 1 0 1

9pm doors



Spooky, sparkly synthpop for Wednesday Addams having her first crush while drinking a Redbull on the dance floor. If you have a chance to see this sparkling indie duo, GO, before the crowds are too deep. “You can’t help but be reminded of Youth Lagoon or Beach House... The duo’s compositions seem to be held together by an ectoplasmic force, keyboards floating like slime-green clouds while drum machines clatter with the hollow tones of a washer-dryer in action... With an album currently in the works, it’s only a matter of time before Zigtebra’s new music can soundtrack your own drives, haunting the open highways with their imaginative (and vaguely Gothic) spirit.” - June Noel (July 4, 2018 City Beat)