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Wussy Presents: SHEBANG

Friday March 15th

Wussy Presents:


Music by:

Anonima & Zaida

9pm doors


Shebang! A new dance party celebrating womxn and nonbinary DJ's in Atlanta.

The year is 1998 and the category is SUMMER CAME EARLY so dust off those tankinis. Let's sweat it out and crack open a cold Pabst Blue Ribbon to this month's lineup of badass DJ's making waves all over ATL.

Music By --
Anonima (ATL)
Our inaugural headliner, her arsenal is a mix of regional club sounds, tinctured with house and techno classics. Stylish and composed, Anonima has established herself as a formidable nightlife fixture.

Zaida (ATL)
A founding member and former staffer of Wussy Mag, she returns in a special capacity for Shebang! Still writing, Zaida is working with Wussy to center womxn and non-binary expression in the context of our hometown’s rich club scene.

Iv Fischer
Video Tronic
Royal Tee
Nicholas Goodly

Photobooth by Savana Ogburn

As always we encourage you to pull a high femme/club kid LOOK for the photo booth!
Shebang! is an unsafe space for bullshit of any kind. We don't discriminate.