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Atlanta Fuck Yeah! is back again with the August edition of our monthly FREE show at Star Bar. Join your host, Noe Goldfarb Gonzalez, as he presents music by WAKING THE BATES + CINEMA NOVO + R_GARCIA + DYLAN MICHAEL.

Doors @ 9 PM FREE

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Physically based in the bizarro world that is Atlanta, Georgia, and musically rooted in virtually anything and everything, Waking the Bates refuse to pin themselves down to one simplistic genre. While so many bands that don’t fit a specific mold are quick to state that they have a little something for everyone, Waking the Bates really does have something for every listener who enjoys soaring melodies, clever songwriting devices, and dynamics (all of which have been recently added to the musical endangered species list).

Anyone who sees the band perform for the first time will not only take delight in WTB’s keep-you-on-your-toes material, but will also revel in the diversity of the crowd enjoying the show. Attending a Bates show is a fascinating, inspirational, and traffic-less microcosm of the city of Atlanta: endless diversity in sights and sounds, multiple levels with twists and turns, and an overall memorable experience that replays in the audience’s head time and time again.

The band doesn’t attempt to be different for the sake of coming off unusual, however. Fans of pre-Kid A Radiohead, Pearl Jam, and deep tracks of The Black Keys will readily latch on to Waking the Bates’ sound and songs. With that stated, fedora and skinny jeans-wearing hipsters who have already somehow heard of Waking the Bates before actually hearing of Waking the Bates will enjoy the band’s creativity and ability to eschew typical trends in their musicality.

Turning attention to what occurs on stage, the band consists of five pleasantly eccentric guys whose approach to music and performing is refreshing in an era where so many bands are caught up with image and achieving “the” look or sound. Singer / guitarist / keyboardist Bach states, “We just write what comes out and if we like what we hear and have fun playing it, we keep it. If not, we try something else.” Guitarist Strange also agrees, saying “For us, genre has never been important. In fact, I don’t even know what genre means. We just play what we dig and no matter what, our songs have quite a bit of melody that people seem to like.” But don’t expect easily-digestible verse/chorus/verse/chorus feel-good happy tunes. Although the members often cut-up and make jokes on stage, their approach is serious, and their music is seriously infectious, especially when listening to the band’s diversified work through headphones. 

Whether a live show or through their recorded material, the band delivers a fresh performance where all five members simultaneously stand out as individuals and meld together with their performances. Thankfully, the band’s overall bluesy spectrum of biotic sound reminds us that there still is contemporary music that doesn’t sound like it was made by robots or computers.

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Cinema Novo is an instrumental rock group from Atlanta. They work hard to blend chewed-up punk rock, latin rhythms, and psychedelic ambience to form an intricate sonic mutiny.

Atlanta-based trio Cinema Novo finds their home blending “progressive punk,” latin rhythms, math rock, and psychedelic ambience to form an intricate sonic mutiny. The group exists as an experiment in creating scenes using sound; crafting a soundtrack to a film that doesn’t exist yet — a set of moving mental pictures re-drawn with every live performance.

Cinema Novo began as a recording project of guitarist Christopher Richardson; after several years writing for what was to be a large band, he enlisted Shawn Moeckly to play drums on a stripped-down collection of songs to be performed as a duo; songs that would later be self-released on the band’s debut EP.

Being significantly influenced by film, the band’s name is borrowed from the 1960s Brazilian film movement of the same name, which with its common themes of populism, violence, and realism, embodied the imagery of the band’s music. For Christopher, the iconic phrase “an idea in your head and a camera in hand,” translated to “sounds in your head and a guitar in hand.”

Since forming, the band has attracted unique praise and seen energetic growth, adding bassist Matthew Klem, releasing a second EP, and signing with independent Atlanta label Blood Drunk Records.

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R_Garcia used to be one person. Now they're a two-person band. Sometimes they have a drummer and the member count swells to an astonishing THREE. The R_Garcia band records and tours as much as life allows, sharing their gentle harmonies, bombastic drumming, 8-bit game sounds, and feedback drenched guitar escapism with all of Mother Earth's children.

At times, there are waffles.

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Dylan Michael is a pop singer in Atlanta. Get ready to experience a clusterf-ck of pop, dance, r&b, rap, and rock.

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Atlanta Fuck Yeah! presents WAKING THE BATES + CINEMA NOVO + R_GARCIA + DYLAN MICHAEL concert ★ Doors @ 9pm ★ FREE The Star Community Bar, Atlanta, GA