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Doors @ 9PM $5 Door

Blood Drunk Records presents SWANK SINATRA NAPTAKER R_GARCIA

Swank Sinatra is a Rock n’ Roll band from Atlanta, Georgia that is known for their high energy shows and unrelenting sound. Probably the only band ever started after a drunken night of karaoke. Their sound has been called “…a fearless and tantalizing menace to your musical eardrums that leaves ears burning for more.” They want to climb a tall mountain just to start an avalanche. They would sail a ship just to watch it sink. They are the ever-living, ever-breathing, light at the end of the Rock n’ Roll tunnel. Swank Sinatra is aggressive, fun, and frantic.

In all reality, Swank Sinatra is the brainchild of the slightly disturbed minds of Bob Place and Brandon Pittman, friends since childhood. Joined by Randy Garcia in 2011, Swank Sinatra is a power-house force to be reckoned with. They have been fortunate enough to play such wonderful events as: Dragon*Con, 500 Songs For Kids, Nophest, New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, Hijacking Music Festival, and IMR Music Festival, just to name a few. They have also played live for Comcast “On Demand” as well as been featured on SiriusXM Satellite Radio, plus other various forms of radio, film, and television. Recently being added to Spotify, they continue to pick up momentum. Swank Sinatra has played a lot of shows, have met even more cool people, and even learned a little along the way.

Swank Sinatra is simply here to provide people with Rock n’ Roll music that will make you move and not give a shit. They have released 4 records so far, working with Atlanta-based label Blood Drunk Records. Their newest single “R.I.P.R.N.R” was released in June of 2013. They are currently hard at work on their newest full-length, Sober Cobra, slated for a 2014 release.

Much like the Highlander, there can be only one Swank Sinatra.

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Naptaker is the sonic love child of Casual Clyde and The Gineral, conceived in Saint Paul, MN in 2012. The resulting jams are regarded as psychic delicacies by connoisseurs and ignoramuses alike.

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Inspired by the finer things in life — rock and roll, pizza and video games — The R_Garcia band creates music for people who refuse to grow up. The band’s sound combines soaring melodies, bombastic drumming, throwback electronic sounds and fuzz-drenched guitars into a full-body-moving experience. Think Jimi Hendrix and Keith Moon jamming with a Nintendo Entertainment System. 

The R_Garcia Band’s shows are loud, high-energy and completely outlandish. More than just your typical Friday night dance party, band members Randy Garcia and Kayla Webb indulge spectators with comedic shenanigans and audience participation. (They recently had a guy twerk on a speaker stack during a show.) “We push ourselves hard and play as ridiculously as we can,” Garcia said.

R_Garcia Official Site
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Blood Drunk Records presents SWANK SINATRA + NAPTAKER + R_GARCIA concert $5 Door The Star Community Bar, Atlanta, GA