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Summertime Wednesday in the Lounge with Chase "Chum Boy" Tailor & Poolboy Pietro

Chase Tail and Pietro are at it again! Kahle Davis (owner of the Star Bar) is gonna give them another chance to prove they can throw a Summertime Party. Last year when they DJ'ed together, no one showed up and Kahle got very mad and threw them out in the street.

He told Chase and Pietro, "You will never work in this damn town again!" Chase and Pietro got very depressed and started drinking a lot and never worked together since.

A year has passed and Kahle Davis has forgave them and is willing to give them ONE MORE CHANCE. Please come out to Summertime Wednesday June 15. Chase and Pietro will be playing tunes that will give you cancerous sunburns, the tracks are that hot! 

Music, $2 cheap pbrs, limbo sticks, tiki torches. Girls in bikinis, men in bikinis, sand, cigarettes, suntans and magik.