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Doors @ 9PM ★ FREE SHOW


(Ex Resons) Jacob Anderson and Jason Shubert formed Salts December 2013, with Jacob on Guitar/vocals, and Jason on drums. Obsessed with the Cthulhu Mythos, and HP Lovecraft the name Saltes was used at first, a reference to "Essential Saltes" a dust made from warlocks bones that could re-animate dead flesh. Now with Clay Kilbourne (Ex Carbonas/GG King) on guitar, Jacob on bass/vocals, and Jason on drums.

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Gainesville post-punk band Cretin Girls is the perfect synthesis of order and chaos. Using the same proven formula as Suicide, swirling & distorted guitars are tamed by hypnotic and driven beats. Their songs are punctuated by hard hitting drum machines and desperate screams. It is unsure as to whether Cretin Girls' sound comes from the past or future, but whatever dark place their music manifests is a world worth exploring .

Cretin Girls formed early this year, but have already received credible attention. Italian label "Goodbye Boozy" has releases planned for this upcoming winter, and Soft Science Records out of Savannah, Ga will have studio recordings out Spring 2014.

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Death Domain aka Adam Stroupe is a science nerd from Baltimore and wears it as a badge of honor. His sound is undoubtedly one of the most bewildering, disorienting yet magnetic and infectious slices of downright bleak takes on synth-based dance music. A one man all-live-analogue electronic ice machine (who is also behind the likes of ‘SIDS‘ – Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). His sound is as cryptically raw as it gets – summoning the seminal Industrial/EBM sounds of the likes of early Cabaret Voltaire, Skinny Puppy, and The Normal.

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The Mr. Blank's Weird & Wandering Sideshow is a slightly improvised Multi-Media Music & Performance piece, so every show is different. We showcase our sideshow performances (Pierced Lifter, Blockhead, Pincushion, Glass walker/eater, Bed of Nails, Pain-Proof, Fire Eater, Geeks, Clowns and Mimes, Bearded Lady and more) combined with odd musical performances (experimental, improvised sound exploration, carnie-acoustic, etc) in an old-timey vaudevillian inspired sideshow.

Some shows are just musical soundscapes, some shows are just dangerous performance art, and then some are some kind of insane mix of the two... You'll never know until you're there Alive on the inside!

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No Way Entertainment presents SALTS + MANATEEES + CRETIN GIRLS + WEIRD & WANDERING SIDESHOW concert FREE The Star Community Bar, Atlanta, GA