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A killer night of rock 'n' roll coming your way by some of Atlanta's BEST bands right now: REUBEN'S BELL + NINE TIMES BLUE + NOBODY'S DARLINGS + MY NINJA.

Doors @ 9 PM $5 DOOR

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Reuben's Bell is a southern rock band with a modern sound. The band is comprised of brothers Matt and Logan Daniels, Brad Berry, and Trey Lander.

Taking its name after Matt and Logan's Grandfather Reuben, this band signifies a strong sense of family, community, musicianship, and tradition that is shared between each band member and the ever expanding RB family.

Drawing from an endless array of musical taste and styles, this Atlanta based band stays true to its southern roots while also branching out into many other genres creating a sound that is palatable to almost any listener.

With high energy live performances and well crafted original songs, Reuben's Bell is sure to make its mark across the South and will continue to expand in full stride.

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Nine Times Blue is an Atlanta-based alternative/power pop band, often compared to Gin Blossoms, The Smithereens, The Replacements, Weezer, and The Killers. Their new record, Matter of Time, is a tour de force of driving, melodic rock, each song simultaneously infused with the craftsmanship of the Brill Building era and the electric energy of seminal bands like Big Star, The Replacements, and The Smithereens. The moniker power pop (coined by Pete Townshend) can be applied to Nine Times Blue, but only according to its original definition: a genre that draws its inspiration from 1960s British and American pop and rock, and features strong melodies, clear vocals, and infectious guitar hooks. Pop history enthusiasts might recognize Nine Times Blue as the title of a song by Mike Nesmith (of The Monkees), a fitting homage by a band not afraid to tap into power pop’s venerable roots. Matter of Time follows Nine Time Blue’s critically acclaimed 2012 release, Falling Slowly.

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Nobody's Darlings is a homegrown Atlanta band born in the alternative rock sounds of the nineties but raised in the catchy hits of the new millennium, an attractive mix of alt rock and pop tunes. Favorites of the local music scene, NBD is exploding across the south with tours from Florida to Tennessee hot off the release of their latest self-titled EP, fueled by tunes such as "She Breaks Tonight" and "Over Macho Grande."

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My Ninja is an Alternative Rock band trio from Northwest Georgia. Vintage keyboards, slick guitar riffs, imaginative drumming and a wide range of music backgrounds gives My Ninja their unique sound. The usage of several different styles makes for a very diverse fan base and entertaining shows. My Ninja’s debut ep, My Ninja – From the Mystic Portal, was named after their rehearsal space where they have written a catalog of songs for many years. Due out Fall of 2013, the follow up ep is titled My Ninja – Front Porch Prophecies and is sure to satisfy.

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REUBEN'S BELL + NINE TIMES BLUE + NOBODY'S DARLINGS + MY NINJA concert ★ Doors @ 9pm ★ $5 Door The Star Community Bar, Atlanta, GA