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Doors @ 9PM ★ $7 Door


Onchi — Outsider Music, glue wave, punk, sci-fi — is:

Saint Al — drums/vox
Hale CeZar — electro boards/vox
Kristian Joo — guitar/vox

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N.E.C. have been local staples seemingly forever, but they still haven’t received the recognition they deserve. They have just about the best cover art there is—insert the plump backside of a white-haired woman wrapped in a red one-piece with a matching red pineapple in the center of her back and a bottle of booze on the bench beside her. Then take notice that all track titles (like “All Night Drug Kids,” “Creatures Flaming” and “Hate City Serenade”) carry a thematic train that chugs “hear us roar.” It’s not surprising that the N.E.C. (Natural Extension Concept) plays off intellect and delivers bare-chested lyrics.” — Paste Magazine

“Walls of feedback are understood when it comes to the N.E.C. But rather than the “What Would Hüsker Dü?” school of songwriting (which these guys definitely would’ve graduated from, had they only tripled the speed of their songs), the Natural Extension Concept revels in the slow unfurling of a Krautrock beat paired with some too-cool-for-school Velvets steeze.” — MTVHive

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“Nashville-based punk outfit Useless Eaters have wasted no time taking it easy over the last few years. On top of releasing a studio album every year for the last three years, including the 2013 LP Hypertension, the band has made appearances at South By Southwest and Idaho’s Treefort Festival in the last two weeks alone. Driven by the songwriting prowess of guitarist and vocalist Seth Sutton, a self-taught artist who considers dropping out of high school the best decision he’s made, Useless Eaters is a band that views punk as an attitude instead of a fashion statement. Inspired by the freedom to create music rather than the number of safety pins and patches attached to his clothing, Sutton layers sinister vocals on top of his no-frills songwriting style for a sound that echoes classic punk rock and a new wave pop sensibility.” — The Bay Bridged

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Bay area trio Burnt Ones formed at the end of the 2000s as part of a growing scene of garage rock revivalists in the San Francisco/Oakland area. Composed of vocalist/guitarist Mark Tester, Brian Allen on bass, and drummer Amy Crouch bashing away on an extremely spare two-piece kit, the band's earliest sounds drew influence from Jesus & Mary Chain's feedback-heavy pop, the rawness of the Gories, and classic melodic hooks lifted from girl groups. The band's first recorded work came in the form of the All Night Long 7", followed shortly by the debut full-length album Black Teeth & Golden Tongues, both released in 2010 on Roaring Colonel Records. The group would tour extensively, release multiple smaller scale 7"s and cassettes, and develop their sound over the next few years, appearing at the South by Southwest festival numerous times and contributing a version of "Heroin" to a Velvet Underground tribute compilation that included Ty Segal, Thee Oh Sees, and other scene luminaries. By the time their sophomore album You'll Never Walk Alone arrived in 2013, Burnt Ones had incorporated elements of glam rock and '60s Texas psych into their sound.

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It is said that Raw McCartney has come back from the land of the dead to give us rock n roll in its nastiest purest most unadulterated puss spewing form. In doing so hoping to release us from the prison of our minds. Shamanistic at its core. The live show is meant to exorcise that shit you call a mind.

"Raw was born to Paw Mccartney and Donna Van Vliet sometime in the 1980's in a commune in Southeastern Indiana. He ran away from the commune living off the Ohio River for most of his early teens, learning to fish and live off the land. According to Raw, "I was about 16 when I finally hitchhiked my way up to Indianapolis." There he lived as a street musician until he was discovered by a Herron Art Professor who paid for the young Raw to be sent to Paris to study the great French poets and painters and finish high school. It was in Paris Raw learned of the Cult of Pussy Eaters, Culte des Mangeurs Vagin. Raw left schooling again and returned to his friends in Indiana, living a relatively reclusive life writing poetry and painting. When I asked him why he decided to quit painting he said, "I decided poems and painting weren't for me. I wanted to explore my other favorite I can eat three pizza pies in one sit down. Or a handle of whiskow," [a roar]."- Landon Caldwell

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No Way Entertainment presents Onchi + N.E.C. + USELESS EATERS + BURNT ONES + RAW MCCARTNEY concert $7 Door The Star Community Bar, Atlanta, GA