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Doors @ 9 PM $8 DOOR

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From the sands of Laguna Beach where Tomas & Wyatt and fellow Elevator repair service colleague met through a dolphin's cry in the midst of the night, waning-moon present and shimmering across the moonlit sea. The 3 most watery human beings then started to "jam" as a guitar-less mind exploration voyage through the realms of time and space itself. They then released their first full length self-titled album. But faith had the best of them, as their fellow colleague Justin "Martini" Martinez had another journey to encompass himself. Left stranded as a 2 piece, Wyatt & Thomas had to find a compatible space voyager to fill in the shoes of Justin Martini the so called "space dolphin". After endless amounts of traveling through the milky way galaxy and others, like the snicker doodle and reese's pieces galaxies. They found their mate. The fire-dragon, by the name of Andrew Minter. As the new family of 3 started their next voyage they then moved to the city of angeles. To a shack of a home in the middle of the bustling and ever so noisy and populated city, away from the soft and sensual beach town of laguna. They then, ever so swiftly released their 2nd release...the EP called Staring at the Sun. An EP about the mind and how a human being can go through stages of love & post-psychotic-ness. As they live and frolic in los angeles, they are now working on another full length LP to be released in the next couple of months....but until then, they remain as Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel.

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Hailing from Echo Park, CA, Froth combines a forward-thinking garage rock sound with elements of shoegaze and psych-pop washed in the dreamy textures of omnichord and jangly 12-string guitar. Getting their start in 2012, Froth has quickly risen through the ranks of the Los Angeles DIY music scene, playing with the likes of The Growlers, Cosmonauts, La Luz, Mr. Elevator & the Brain Hotel, Mystic Braves and many more. Along with playing popular local events like The Growlers' annual Beach Goth Party and Burgerama, Froth has also gained exposure to an international audience after being hand-picked by Hedi Slimane to score the Saint Laurent AW14 menswear collection runway show. After releasing their debut album, Patterns, via Burger Records and Lolipop Records in the fall of 2013, Froth continues to attract new fans with their strong hooks and high-energy live show, and remains dedicated to exploring the sonic possibilities of their expansive psychedelic sound.

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"Garage rock in the purest form that makes you want to go out and cause a little trouble. ‘Sometimes’ had me wanting to throw on my leather jacket and step out into the dark night, ready for any adventure that may be lurking in the alleys. This is the stuff your mother warned you about. Embrace it." — DINGUS (The International DIY Music Blog)

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"The power-pop currently racing out of the brain of Los Angeles-based and Orange Country-bred musician Wyatt Blair is that inspiring force and it's all sugary excitement, throaty Marc Bolan swagger, and thunderous hip-twisting foot-stomping power-chord fun. Blair, who's toured alongside the likes of The Lovely Bad Things and Peach Kelli Pop and released an EP called Peach Colored Pussy, works equal parts humor and melody into each of his charmingly simple and infectiously malted pop confections. Blair's newest release, Banana Cream Dream, is out now on cassette from (who else) Burger Records with a forthcoming vinyl release due out on Resurrection Records. From the uproarious muted-guitar hum of "Girls!" to the swinging blues and stutter on "Sweet Operator (Talkin' On The Telephone)", the songs on Banana Cream Dream are so instantaneously uplifting and savagely simple that it's nearly impossible to escape the fun. This summer, whether you're cruising a dark highway, swatting away mosquitoes and crushing beer cans on a back porch somewhere, or simply doing the dishes alone in the kitchen, please pop in this record and proceed to shimmy, head bang, and pogo forth all that is wonderful, sweet, and forever satisfying about a fresh new slab of boogie-friendly rock 'n' roll."

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Lolipop Records Adventure Tour 2014 featuring MR. ELEVATOR & THE BRAIN HOTEL + FROTH + CORNERS + WYATT BLAIR concert ★ Doors @ 9pm ★ $8 Door The Star Community Bar, Atlanta, GA
Earlier Event: September 9