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Atlanta Fuck Yeah! presents "LOUD NOISES" featuring VERA VERA and W.I.C. and BEARKNUCKLE and STRANGER CANDY. This is the first edition of AFY!'s free monthly concert series at Star Community Bar with a bunch of groove based artists on deck to get your ass shaking and your feet doing that thing your feet do.

Doors @ 9 PM FREE

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Vera Vera is an electro-garage rock band from Atlanta, Ga. The band, which includes Swank Motel guitarist/vocalist Jordan Parker, is working on their debut full length, and have made five of the tracks available on their Bandcamp page. The EPs closing track, “The System,” exudes a fiery, almost rebellious vibrancy, with gritty electronics squaring off against propulsive guitars that swoon and swell below the song’s grimy beats. It’s simultaneously abrasive and infectious; a dark and sexy electro stomper that’s not afraid to get a little dirty. There’s a fine line between steady confidence and over-the-top cockiness and Vera Vera seem to know exactly where to step. Killer. 

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We Invented Cool is a rap trio from Atlanta, GA., but more than that, they are a creative entity that supersedes your typical boundaries that are incorporated within a genre of typical self-indulgence and luxury. W.I.C. is a group "for the people"... The topics are everyday, regular human experiences, that need to be addressed for the future of human relations... the future of human emotions and frustrations... and the future of music in general... That being said, W.I.C. also has a good sense of humor and light heartedness about the world and its plights. Their music is part social commentary, and part party rock.

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BearKnuckle is a band that was sort of a long time in the making. Twin brothers Nick and Rory Landt having been playing music together since the age of 14. After forming what seems to be a life long friendship with high school friend Willie "Fune" Williams they were destined to form a band. The first song as a band was written in 2010, after having much trouble holding onto a drummer. In 2013 BearKnuckle joined the Blood Drunk Records family, along with many other Atlanta bands and friends; in addition Jordan Hayes was introduced to the band to play drums and has been pushing BearKnuckle to a new limit. With a vast combination of genres, infusing blues and psychedelic guitar solos with heavy metal and fast punk rhythms, BearKnuckle is setting a new standard in the Atlanta rock music scene.

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Stranger Candy is easily one of most notable, modernistic Electronic Dance Music DJ's out of the Atlanta area since 2008. This eccentric DJ developed his notable eclectic style in the midst of the Dirty Electro & Progressive House fervor of Atlanta during the mid 2000's; candidly influenced by many of the House & Electro pioneers of that era.

A forerunner, a trendsetter and a friend to the Atlanta dance music industry, and the south-east alike; Stranger Candy is always considering his fans & fellow artists before his fame, making him one of Atlanta's most involved dance music DJ's of today. Stranger Candy has regularly traveled most of the south-eastern United States, always known to consistently pay attention to the vibe and movement of the crowd no matter the location, versus how he may feel about a particular track; thus bringing versatility to all his performances. Stranger Candy does not perform pre-recorded mixes, and has always been involved in what's new to the dance charts & the indie market; fully knowledgeable on whatever the audience may appreciate in the future. Smooth blends, back to back mash-ups & exceptional build-ups are essential to his style.

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Atlanta Fuck Yeah! presents VERA VERA + W.I.C. + BEARKNUCKLE + STRANGER CANDY concert ★ Doors @ 9pm ★ FREE The Star Community Bar, Atlanta, GA