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Legendary Children: Royal Court Reunion

Hear'ye Hear'ye!!

Now announcing a reunion of medieval proportions! We cordially invite y'all to cometh to the party, starring some of thy favorite Legs & Dairy children, old and new.
Friday July 26th, 2019
Looks & costumes encouraged!

Royal Court --
Violet Chachki (Queen)
Lavonia Elberton (Royal Mage)
Ellisorous Rex (Queen Mother)
Brigitte Bidet (Guard of the Royal Stool)
Mo'Dest Volgare (Royal Mistress)
Hydrangea Heath (Royal Cupbearer)
Kryean Kally (Princess)
Iv Fischer (Duchess)
JayBella Banks (Mistress of Coin)
Davey Swinton (Troubador)
Molly Rimswell (Court Marshall)
+ Mystery Meat (Court Jester)

Music by Zaida (Pied Piper)

$10 Early Bird
$15 General Admission



Legendary Children: Royal Court Reunion

At Star Community Bar