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LAZER/WULF Record Release Show

LAZER/WULF celebrate the release of their new (palindromic) album The Beast of Left and Right with special guests Dropout and Night Idea!

Doors @ 9 PM $8 DOOR

Stream a track from Lazer/Wulf's new record — possibly the world's first palindrome album. — via Noisey

Lazer/Wulf is an instrumental metal trio, which sometimes includes vocals. No, let's start over. 

It's a funk group with thrash roots. Or a jazz trio with sludge issues. Whatever it is, it's not the easiest thing to describe, which makes it that much easier to love. Just ask the band's rabidly devoted following.

Formed in the diverse and devoted music scene of Athens, GA, where every possible genre not only exists but actively co-exists, Lazer/Wulf learned to disregard genre conventions for the sake of an compelling performance and honest songwriting. It's thrash, it's math-rock, it's fusion and crust punk and doom and funk in 7/8 – but the seams between them aren't just hidden; they're simply not there. The Wulves are an ongoing experiment in making stylistic conflict a non-conflicting listen, cooking diverse, often adverse, ingredients into an exhilarating whole.

Circumstantially, it's heavy as hell, and tends to unify audiences with how simply fun it all is, even as it toes the line between "challenging listen" and "utter alienation."

To put it another way; imagine a giant trampoline rigged to explode. It's fun for everybody, but likely to kill you at any moment.

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Dropout formed in spring of 2012 after Greg, Sten, and Matt decided to try to put a band together.The search for a second guitarist and bass player came to an end just a few short weeks later with the additions of Brett and Twitch. After banishing themselves to Greg's basement and writing a few songs, Dropout played their first show on July 28th just three months after forming. Playing songs that draw influences from several different genres, the only adjectives that describe Dropout to a fault are "Loud" and "Heavy".

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LAZER/WULF Record Release Show with special guests DROPOUT + NIGHT IDEA ★ Doors @ 9pm ★ $8 Door The Star Community Bar, Atlanta, GA