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Lauris Vidal has always treated the neck of his guitars like the skate parks of central Florida, where he grew up. Lauris has navigated both instrument and skate session with an aggression and ease of stride that serves not to impress or intimidate, but to inspire and invigorate.

Lauris’ lust for living is infectious, and from an early age he found that the best way to spread that infection was through his signature brand of “kitchen sink beat blues”. If the ghosts of American soul and folk music are the wind in Lauris’ sail, then the urgency and intelligence of Bad Brains and Fugazi are his anchor. The cowboy boots with which he pummels the stage when keeping time have traveled from the swamps of rural Gainesville to the broken streets of D.C. and Baltimore. Each place Lauris goes and every relationship he forms adds a different spice to his narrative stew. He spent time as a volunteer mentor to kids in central Florida, and has braved the rigorous oppression of office life while honing his craft in our nation’s capitol.

When not on stage Lauris spends time on the family farm, not tilling the land for crop, but scanning the ruins of fallen trees and old barns for material with which to forge everything from ukuleles to six-string lap steels.

Lauris Vidal isn’t just a musician or show, he’s a relational and aural experience described by as “getting a hug from Tom Waits if you were bump to into him at a Paul Simon concert”. His energy onstage and passion for existence in daily life has garnered praise by his friends, family, and fellow musicians.

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Alexander Cantrell and D. Edward Fountain have been making music together for over ten years, with one important exception—when Fountain left for NYU to pursue a master’s degree in music, while Cantrell got one in literature. These complementary specialties are most apparent in their latest project, The Mad Flight. The band’s new debut album — Break, Heart; Break! — finds Fountain layering lush, complex arrangements ranging from anthemic 90s guitar rock to modern indie chamber pop, all conspiring and building beneath Cantrell’s voice, by turns a crooning baritone and wailing tenor. Apart from more obvious comparisons to The National, the songs’ dexterous wordplay and emotive delivery have also earned comparisons to Andrew Bird, Pedro the Lion, and The Twilight Singers.

Hunkered down in Fountain’s East Atlanta studio for nine months with Hermès Ladnier’s drum tracks, the two soon found themselves drawing on their most beloved influences—Harrison-inspired lap steel; harmonized glam rock leads; Ocasek-style synthesizers; the Pumpkin guitar army; massive, Arcade Fire-sized accordion swells; New Orleans brass—teaching themselves the instruments when necessary. Realizing that the recordings had grown beyond the trio’s live capabilities, Cantrell recently recruited N. Isaac Sadler to perform the bass and keyboard parts. With its four-man lineup thus cemented, The Mad Flight is now poised to deliver its album in live performances with all the force and immediacy it demands.

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Misery Loves Chachi is an indie, dream-pop band from Atlanta, Georgia. Band members consist of Chris Blais, Kara Strauss, Keith Hicks, Nathan Sadler, and Pete Lim — current or former members of Imagination Head, The Mad Flight, Gin House, Soft Targets and Dave Daniels and the PTA. Combining Chill-Wave, Motown and African rhythms with post-modern classical chord changes and jazz vocal harmonies comparable to Steely Dan, Misery Loves Chachi has vocal styles reminiscent of Elliot Smith and Sade.

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Star Bar presents LAURIS VIDAL + THE MAD FLIGHT + MISERY LOVES CHACHI concert ★ Doors @ 9pm ★ $6 Door The Star Community Bar, Atlanta, GA