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CLASHINISTA (Atlanta's Only Clash Tribute Band) returns to Star Bar with special guests BLAKE RAINEY & HIS DEMONS (Record Release Show!) + ANCHOR BENDS + more!

Doors @ 9 PM  $8 DOOR

Clashinista is Atlanta's only Clash tribute band! Covering all stages of the Clash's career, Atlanta music scene veterans present a convincing aural and visual tribute to the "Only Band That Matters."

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Blake Rainey's most recent LP effort, A Man, Not A Biography (Spin Magazine - 7 out of 10 stars) might just signal the swan song of his longtime group, The Young Antiques, but after last year's live-in-the-studio EP Ambulance Alley Sessions, the Atlanta rocker/singer-songwriter is back with a full length studio album with his current outfit, Blake Rainey and His Demons (which consists of Joe Foy on bass and Eric Young on drums - a combination of talent that make them one of the music scene's best rhythm sections). The result is Love Don't Cross Me, a stoic and stylistically schizophrenic meditation on the prizes and perils of love—nine concise tunes that lay bare the puzzle pieces of those epic, classic human relationships we all know too well.

From indie-pop to country rock, punk to noise to folk, Love Don't Cross Me is a return to the character studies Rainey does so well, with songs that swing from naive young lovers to the hopelessly lost and alone, to forgotten losers who spit in love's face, to long-time lovers reflecting on their lives together. All in roughly 35 minutes.

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At some point on the Sundial in the breathless, lazy days of Summer 2013 when the South Eastern stars of the Americas aligned with the North Eastern twinkles of England, a solitary giant dove named Freedom fell from the sky over the Atlantic Ocean, only to land on the splintered deck of the Ghost Ship Anchor Bends... Volcanos cried fiery tears… Witches dressed up sexy… Tectonic plates shuffled their Booty South opening primordial cracks in the ocean bed barely big enough for two hicks, an Englishman and a case of Coors from which to crawl.

"Guys, Should I change my shoes?" said Jeremy Ray (Gonzo Orchestra, Walk From The Gallows). "Does my hair look OK?" questioned David Lee Burdon (Leatherface, Former Cell Mates). "Let's put this Beer in a baby bath and start a band that will shake the very foundations of modern society, then get Pizza" proclaimed Kelsey Wilson (The Weight, All Night Drug Prowling Wolves), upon which they all agreed … The Pizza was sublime.

Thus beginning an adventure of epic proportions just itching to be written in the annals of rock n' roll history.

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CLASHINISTA + BLAKE RAINEY & HIS DEMONS + ANCHOR BENDS concert ★ Doors @ 9pm ★ $8 Door The Star Community Bar, Atlanta, GA