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Doors @ 9 PM $8 DOOR

Banditos are famously eclectic, paying tribute to a myriad of influences that would bury a lesser band in tuneless muck. Originating from Birmingham, Alabama, the band has since relocated to Nashville, TN and are using their disparate influences to forge a more assured identity.

Though they recall a dozen bands, they sound like none so much as themselves. The instrumentation is as ambitious as it is deftly executed. Mingling upright bass with kazoo and banjo while the soul-spangled howl of Mary Richardson, who plays counterpoint to a deceivingly sparse guitar, drenched in a quantity of reverb and delay, not often associated with “danceable.” 

All this wouldn't mean anything if Banditos could not deliver live, but these mothers can choogle! It’s always the mark of a good band to be able to play the hell out of three chords and a breakdown, and Banditos shake it down & deliver. Honestly, their shows are such burn downs of shimmying shins and stomping heels they should carry warnings for bone spurs.

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The Blackfoot Gypsies have created a place that dreamers, night flyers, and adventure seekers can gather and embrace the triumphant harmony of spirit and music — made by humans, for humans.

With 4 years, 4 releases, and countless miles under their belt as a 2 piece band, Zack Murphy and Matthew Paige have called on fellow brethren Dylan Whitlow (bass) and Ollie Dogg (harmonica) to join forces and help expand their already wide spectrum of American music. The upcoming release of the band's second full length LP, Handle It, serves as the debut of The Blackfoot Gypsies as a full-force four piece band.

Infusing the honest roots of blues and the deep secrets of real country music, The Blackfoot Gypsies create a rock 'n' roll pace and angst that keep your heart alive, all while pounding to a true Nashville beat. The swirling vortex of their records and live show welcome you into a world where linking arms with friends and strangers keeps your head far above the clouds. In a world where all too often "music" is made simply to keep the masses happy, the Gypsies make music you can believe in, not just fall for.

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Imagine you're sitting on a rusty bucket on the bank of a river, drunk, with a broken heart near a Southern town in 1937 with a large mosquito bite above your left eye. That's the sound of Rolling Nowhere.

Born in the North Georgia hills and defying current genre classification, Rolling Nowhere has been described as a Psychedelic Junkyard Roots band with a sound that evolves with every show. Their sound combines Classic Country, Old Timey Folk, Blues Roots and Psychedelic Rock n Roll. The band has down home 3-part harmonies, a mutual love of songwriting, and a wide array of instrumentation including; the Canjo-a washboard percussion experiment, upright bass, telecaster guitar, drums, dobro, banjo, mandolin.

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Slick is BJ Barbee, Andy Putnam, Bret Mays, Josh Williams, and Molly Ward. Slick is a gang, a gang that plays loud raucous music. You see them live and you will know this.

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Thirsty Ear Productions presents BANDITOS + BLACKFOOT GYPSIES + ROLLING NOWHERE + SLICK concert ★ Doors @ 9pm ★ $8 Door The Star Community Bar, Atlanta, GA