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Free Show Thursday with ATLANTIC THRILLS + THE SPOILERS (members of Turf War) + RAVI SHAVI + THE BROTHERS.

Doors @ 9 PM FREE

Known for chaotic live shows, bourbon soaked belligerence, and psychedelic oatmeal cookies, Atlantic Thrills' brand of garage punk is filled with fuzzy psychedelic riffs, reverb drenched surf anthems and raspy 50's inspired doo-wop ballads. Based out of Providence, RI, Atlantic Thrills was formed in 2010 by Eric Aguiar and Dan Tanner. Their self-titled debut album was released February 4, 2014 on Brooklyn's Almost Ready Records.

Atlantic Thrills Official Site
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Ravi Shavi plays rock music from Providence, RI.

"Make a point to catch the doo-wop/new wave/garage-pop of RAVI SHAVI; the quartet was chosen to open the recent Deer Tick/Joe Fletcher post-Folk Fest show at Newport Blues Café. One spin through 'Indecisions' (WBRU should be all over this one) and it's no surprise these guys are McCauley-approved." — Chris Conti, The Providence Phoenix

Ravi Shavi on Facebook

The Brothers are a rock 'n' roll band based out of Atlanta, GA. Phillip Allen (vocals, guitar), Justin Allen (bass), Townson Wells (drums). Originally from Charleston, SC.

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ATLANTIC THRILLS + THE SPOILERS + RAVI SHAVI + THE BROTHERS in concert ★ Doors @ 9pm ★ FREE The Star Community Bar, Atlanta, GA