Thank you for your interest in booking a show at the Star community Bar.

Live Music Booking

Please email your booking requests to It would be helpful to include links to your music, photographs and bio. You might also consider telling us where you have played in the Atlanta market in the past, and maybe some idea of your anticipated draw so we can know where in a bill you might fit. Please do not try to communicate with us through ReverbNation or social media — is the way to go.

We book all kinds of music – Hard Rock, Indie Rock, Garage Rock, Psyche Rock, Folk Rock, Rockabilly, Pop, Hip Hop, Country, Alt Country, Country and Western, Americana, Bluegrass, Punk, Funk, R&B or any other damn thing the kids are into these days.

The Star Bar offers a full range Public Address system complete with thumpin' subs, 15" top boxes with 2" horns, 4 1000 watt monitor mixes — all with their very own 31 band graphic equalizer — and a hybrid conventional and LED lighting system to make you look good, sound good, and feel good.

Monday Night Comedy Booking

Rotknee presents Atlanta’s longest running Inner-city Comedy Show — Free every Monday night from 9pm to Midnight.

Got enough balls to do it???
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Hey there, I’m Rotknee the host. Rotknee Presents is the longest running inner city standup room on Monday nights. The show has been running for about 9 years, it starts at 9:00pm. It is free, just remember you get what you pay for. The show is booked in advance. We ask that comedians call me on Thursday at 5 pm sharp. I turn off the phone and within 1 to 2 minutes I usually have about 30 comedians trying to fill 10 spots. If you were one of the first to call, I call you back and give you confirmation of your slot on Monday. Comedians are asked to show at 8:30 pm. If they are not there by 9:00 pm I have never had a problem giving away their slot. Sometimes we will work in out of towners but that is a real rarity. There’s tons of parking right next to and behind the Star Community Bar, and hell yes it serves alcohol! The bar’ll take your money any way that you have it. As I said, I am Rotknee the host. Best way to reach me is phone. 404.934.6598. There’s a ton of rooms all over the city. There’s a lot of greats, mine is the only place you need to be on a Monday!

Star Bar Technical Info


1 – Allen & Heath GL2200
1 – DBX 2102 dual 31 band EQ
1 – Behringer multigate pro XR4400/ insertable
2 – Behringer multigate pro MDX4600/ 4 insertable
1 – Digitech delay
1 – Behringer Reverb
1 – Sony 5Disc recorder
1 – 16ch snake


3-way stereo
2 – EV 2×18" subs 4×18"s total
2 – EV 1×15" and 1×2" horn / 2×15"s and 2×2" horns total
3 – Crest CA9 amplifiers
1 – Behringer CX3400 crossover


4 – Mixes
4 – QSC K12 1000w wedges
2 – Behringer FBQ3102 dual 31band EQ


4 – Par 64 front wash
4 – Par 36 side wash
4 – Chauvet LED bar
2 – Chauvet Intimidator LED moving mirror
1 – American DJ color spinner

For advance needs or questions about Star Bar sound board/specs please contact: